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Listing BBF-117215889: Manufacturing|Mfg-Industrial Products

General Location: Global applications
Asking Price: $20,000,000
Annual Gross Sales: Information Not Provided
Owner Benefit:
(Net Profit + Owner Salary)
Information Not Provided
Business Description

The multi-billion dollar industry of heat-sealing materials has evolved over the years from its start with heated platen constant on sealing to radio frequency (RF) to impulse sealing to faster and colder technologies. This company has invented and is utilizing such sealing technologies, capable of sealing most industrial fabrics faster, cooler, stronger and without deformation. This technology was designed with automation in mind. Its speed and precision means that heat sealing will no longer be the slowest process in an automated factory. This technology is not just a concept - it is being utilized effectively daily by hundreds of clients nationwide and beyond. Its superiority is based on lower cost of total cost of ownership (TCO), much faster sealing process, longer equipment warranties and it's made and serviced in the USA. The clients of the company are both private and government end users and its applications can be found in exploration, law and order, military, agriculture, construction, medical, consumer products, etc. This technology is customizable, and scalable from standalone solutions to mobile solutions to automated solutions. Its products are affordable, and the total life maintenance of its devices is much lower than the competition. It is precisely the goldilocks of these benefits that in the hands of the private industry or a governmental buyer with marketing and industry penetration capabilities may bring billions of dollars in new revenue. The sale is strictly confidential - buyers need to sign NDA and show proof of funds - there's no exceptions.

Detailed Information:

The package that is being sold consists of patents, drawings, know-how, machines and parts related to the sealing industry. These revolve around a very advanced sealing technology, which is at the top of the pyramid, with the RF and impulse sealing industry falling behind. This company's brand of heat sealing products got its start in 1994. They have licensed the production to their manufacturing company. This particular sealing technology was originally introduced by the seller in 2006 with the latest patent issuance in 2019.

Number of Employees: 1 FT, 1 PT , 1 Mgrs
Established in: 2017
Owner Financing Provided: Information Not Provided
Training Provided by Owner: 3 weeks
Is Business Re-locatable: Yes
Reason For Selling: Patent holder and mfg of several automation technologies.



Contact Information: The following company and/or agent is a licensed real estate broker/and or a business broker.
Name: Russell Cohen
Phone: (954) 900-2685

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