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Here are some recent testimonials:

From George, August, 2000
"My business was listed for less than a month and received eight inquiries, many willing to pay the asking price. This is a great way to reach a large audience effectively"

From Perry, July, 2000
This letter is to congratulate and recommend the service to any business owner who should find themselves needing to sell his or her business.

BizMarket's sevices produced a large number of prospects interested in purchasing our business for sale. About the 8th week into the marketing program we found a buyer, and later, closed on time.

We would highly recommend this service to anyone needing a cost effecient and effective method of finding a buyer for any business.

Want to list your Business for Sale?

When you list your business with BizMarket Inc, you reach thousands of buyers monthly. You can remain as confidential as you like when posting your business. Increase your market reach... Sign up today!

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